Climb to the Sun

by Third Son

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The 47th release on microcastle welcomes Third Son to the label for his debut EP. As one of electronic music's most creative talents Joseph Thomas Price aka Third Son has carved out a unique sound all his own. The UK artist has shaped his sonic palette with a variety of influence's and compositional studies which began at a young age. The underground has fallen in love with Joseph's contemporary vision, which resonates through his tough beats, rugged grooves, modern melodies and heavy percussion. It's a sound that's led him to releases on Einmusika, Noir, Sincopat, Selador, Stil Vor Talent and Suara. Now making his long awaited microcastle debut Third Son presents his much anticipated 'Climb to the Sun' EP alongside remixes from Darlyn Vlys.

The release begins with its title and showcase piece 'Climb to the Sun' which also features Haptic. The Australian vocalist and UK artist have collaborated on several occasions in the past. The studio synergy between the two is quite strong and 'Climb to the Sun' would have to be considered their most sought after creation to date. Anchored by a tough, triplet style groove the piece builds a dark, mystical presence early. It proves to be the perfect foundation for Haptic's vocals which fill the air with warm, nostalgic and utterly charming motifs. A cavernous break continues the dramatic yet deeply emotional storyboard before a wave of metallic melodies lifts the piece to an exhilarating conclusion. There's a compelling story locked inside this one, which has already resonated with Guy J and Guy Mantzur who featured the track on their recent b2b tour and beyond. In the words of Third Son "Climb to the Sun began as an instrumental, originally created as a closing track. The final section was powerful enough to work in a club, but I felt there was something missing to take it to the next level. Haptic’s inspired vocal work solved this."

The lone interpretation of 'Climb to the Sun' is provided by Darlyn Vlys who is also making his label debut. The French artist's unique take on house and techno has touched the hearts and minds of electronic music lovers around the world. It's no surprise that Darlyn's character rich sound has been showcased on Get Physical, Noir, OFF Recordings, Sincopat and Upon.You Records. His creative vision and stunning design is highly regarded amongst his contemporaries and has once again worked wonders here on 'Climb to the Sun', taking the piece in a dreamier more melodic direction with a gorgeous end of night vibe; as Darlyn describes "I loved that as my debut on microcastle I got to work with Third Son and Haptic, who are two of my favourite producers. The first time I heard the original track I immediately fell in love with the style of the vocal and the way it meshed perfectly with the dark mood of the main theme. As work progressed I explored many different synthesis options, ultimately choosing to preserve the bass line of the original. Over this I jammed layers from my new little baby the "JU-06", which brings that epic, analogue feel, and then I tied them all together with the Diva Plugin. During this process I actually think I was channelling a little bit from that intense vibe of the first M83 album." For the less vocally inclined Darlyn has also provided a dub version.

The EP’s companion piece 'The Girl Reprise' finds Third Son crafting a deeper yet equally emotive creation. A mellow, moodily enticing intro builds steadily into a restrained, yet growling atmospheric beast, before dropping poignantly into the calm eye of a perfect storm. Beyond the break, swirling melodies and ethereal vocals circle with increasing vigour as the track builds towards one final sonic rush. Third Son's insights regarding the track: "The Girl Reprise is the second track of a two part series, based on the theme by Claude Debussy - The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. The first involves more direct references with repetition of the leitmotif from the original. The second is a more refined version of the first, which as it is, I may never release."

Mastering: Conor Dalton (Calyx, Berlin)


released October 21, 2016



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